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About Us


Lighting your way in to the future!

Mayfair energy solution’s Mission Statement:

Mayfair Energy Solutions believe in consistent and constant innovation to enable us to provide energy solutions with proper returns on your overall energy investment.

MES is not just a service provider, it’s a powerful solution provider. Through key metrics of the solar solution, MES ensures optimal performance and improve upon it through intuitive data and analytics of the system.

Climate change is a real issue that is in the spotlight for Mayfair Energy Solutions. Our aim is to create an awareness about the environment friendly solutions which will benefit the entire economy as well as the future generations. To initiate the process of change, reduce carbon emissions, and collectively save billions of dollars, we make informed management decisions an unvarying exercise.

Our Core Values

1.    Integrity and Ethics

Honoring our commitments and being honest in our business dealings as per the values of Islam. We will operate within the law of the land and uphold the high ethical standards set by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

2.    Our people are Our Souls

Our people are and will always be our strength. We aim to create a work environment that promotes respect and develops a culture that is passionate, collaborative, and strives for excellence.

3.    Customer Satisfaction

In order to succeed, Customer satisfaction is essential. Therefore, the needs of our customers are delivered as promised. Our aim to set the market standard for bringing continuous improvement in overall customer service.

Our Turnkey solutions:

Mayfair energy solutions is the pioneer in providing complete solar energy solution at competitive market prices. Furthermore, Our solutions can help build a solar plant in your home, your office or your factory and reduce your electric bill.